Monday, July 9, 2007

Week 3, Thing 6: More Flickr Fun

Window keeper
Window keeper,
originally uploaded by kitsh.
A prize for anyone who can come up with the most creative description of what this strange wrought-iron object once was! Found art, flea markets, and salvaged materials are one of my hobbies, so I had to include this image, found using Flickr Colr Pickr.


originally uploaded by Mr.Pitone.
Don't know where this one was taken, but it's a beautiful photograph.

Seattle Public Library

Seattle Public Library
Seattle Public Library,
originally uploaded by OZinOH.

Columbus Metropolitan Library

Week 3, Thing 5: Explore Flickr

originally uploaded by primabeeld.
Ooooooo!-- I love this. Finally I can decorate-- why not some different library interiors from around the world (maybe we can generate a few ideas here for future library building projects!)? I believe this is somewhere Scandanavian-- space bubble meets ikea. Considering the capabilities of Flickr and the ways in which users can create groups and post or manage content, it really is amazing that I can tour the interiors of libraries from around the world.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Week 2, Thing 4: Register your blog

While I'm waiting to register my blog, I guess I'll expound on how much I've enjoyed creating it. This definitely falls under the "Play" pointer-- experimenting with different templates, deciding what type of content to release to the world. Admittedly, this is my first experience creating a blog, though I read many, especially those created by and for librarians like this one:

It's a great place (especially for women) to talk about work issues in libraries, library school, and the evolving role of women in library work. Much good advice is dispensed here!

My new blog and the others I read has gotten me thinking about how I might use a blog in my professional life more often-- to communicate library services with patrons, publish the book reviews I write online, or even create a haven for library school students in search of like-minded souls.

While I wait to register my blog, here's a photo of my sassy Springer, Maddie. We both have similar taste in spectacles.

Week 2, Thing 3: Create a Blog and Post

Well I've preceeded myself! No, I started late and am playing catch-up. Here's the blog-- I'm itching to move onto the other THINGS so I can decorate! In the meantime, here's a photo of my favorite feline, Mrs. Pendleton (as you can see, she's a biblio babe herself).